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Horizons for Infrastructure

It is no longer a ground breaking intrigue, the government is looking at bolstering our nations infrastructure. Donald Trump has thrown out numbers as high a Trillion and a half Dollars for his plans and has surrounded himself by big time names in the business world to ensure it gets done. As we approach the president's second year in office and the plans for infrastructure become more concrete what plans are you making and what steps are you taking to be a part of that exciting initiative?

The best things your business can do to ensure you have a strategic position to benefit from the federal government's infrastructure initiative:

1) Become a supplier for your local municipality.

2) Create solid partnerships with businesses like you and begin establishing relationships with state officials.

3) Attend local town hall meetings and inspire a drive to renovate or build new roads and bridges all together.

4) If you operate in a port town, look to see what rank it falls in and what can you do to change that.

For all you Owner-Operators just rolling solo, you can benefit from the President's initiative too! The best things you can do to ensure you benefit are:

1) Look up infrastructure projects. In particular, you want to know what lanes have the most projects in the wood works. Chances are you may be able to pick up serious loads while looking at load boards or dealing with brokers around those areas.

2) When ever you find yourself held up for a couple of days near a town or city, go to the town hall and see what's in the works. You may be able to work directly for the city!

3) Invest in a RGN trailer or step deck (get ramps if you do). The majority of these major infrastructural projects will be repairing roads, airports, and bridges. That means lots of paving machinery has to be hauled all around the interstate and state roads. Paver machinery typically needs to be loaded from the rear due to constraints with space and closed off roads.

Whether Trump follows through or not, the point is both sides of the political isle are gunning to stamp their names on an infrastructure bill. Rarely can we see great opportunities right before they happen, do not let this one slip by!


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